Production Dispatcher

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  • Work schedule:

    Full time 5/2 days
  • Category:

  • Date:

    10 October 2017
  • Salary:




  • Ensure accurate information is recorded by the dispatch system
  • Ensure safely procedures are adhered to at all times
  • Ensure the utilization of the load and haul fleet are kept using the DISPATCH system

  • Liaise with Shift Supervisors and engineers to minimize production and maintenance delays
  • Provide ongoing information to supervisors to ensure pit setup is optimized
  • Ensure equipment for maintenance report on schedule and update records in dispatch accurately
  • Provide information to all employees as to status and location of all equipment
  • Provide an essential service communication link between production, maintenance, planning, mill and the operations employees
  • Liaise with Shift Supervisors and utilize the DISPATCH system to allocate employees to equipment for the oncoming shift
  • Provide supervisors information required for production reporting
Loading Fleet

  • Ensure the system identifies correct digging locations and material types
  • Ensure the correct status is recorded for all loading units at all times
  • Advice supervisors on optimum truck numbers with a view to increase/ decrease the numbers of Trucks / loaders to optimize mine setup
  • Ensure correct end of shift location is recorded

  • Ensure correct fleet allocation in conjunction with supervisors to minimize truck & loader delays and maximize truck & loader productivity
  • Ensure correct status and location is recorded for all trucks
  • Ensure correct end of shift location is recorded
  • Actively monitor and control truck allocations during the shift to ensure allocations are practical and trucks are not necessarily waiting for loading units can be practically re-dispatched to another unit
  • Liaise with supervisors on alternative digging locations and dumps with the view to improving load / haul utilization reducing the constraints on the system by the mine setup
  • Aim to accurately achieve mine plan on daily basis using all available WENCO tools.
Dispatch System

  • Promptly process WENCO exceptions: to ensure the smooth running of the system and accuracy of recorded information
  • Consistently monitor Haul route and TRANSACTIONS screen to expedite exception processing and maintain an ongoing knowledge of equipment performance, status and location
  • Ensure supervisors are made aware of critical equipment status changes, abnormal delays and equipment late to perform a function
  • Promptly report any defect WENCO field hardware to the technician
  • Update pit database information on roads, dumps digging location, grades and new equipment as advised by the planning department
  • Aim to minimize the number of unnecessary constraints (bars, locks, routes closures, etc.) on the truck fleet to ensure maximum utilization of the fleet
  • Ensure correct information is recorded for the shift
  • Check load and status information at the end of the shift to ensure accuracy and integrity of the information


  • Degree or Diploma in Mining/Geology/Computer or related field
  • Excellent communication Skills: You will be listening and speaking to people by radio and phone, often in some state of distress. Your ability to listen, speak plainly and communicate effectively will be necessary
  • Ability to Multitask: Dispatchers often are moving many people around at the same time, tracking their movements and monitoring what they need
  • Problem-Solving Skills: You will need to be able to prioritize the most important situations, and think quickly on your feet
  • Experience in a mining environment minimum of 3 years
  • Field supervisor for a minimum of 3 years
  • Prior experience with a Dispatch/Fleet Management System (WENCO will be an advantage)


Full-time position based in Burkina Faso

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