FMS Superintendent (Wenco)

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    Roster 8/4 weeks
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  • Date:

    17 May 2019
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    Monitoring and Management of the department in line with the mine plan and coordination between all stake holders, including contract and project management.  
    Development of short / medium and long-term direction of the FMS system to allow the company to obtain the maximum benefits from the system.
    Analysis of key production and productivity information to ensure the maximum efficiency of the mining equipment.  
    Responsible for the training of users of the system to ensure the maximum use of available data and reporting capabilities.    
    Develop training packages for the dispatch engineers, Hardware technicians and shift dispatchers to improve their level of knowledge in the system.  
    Ensure high levels of data accuracy and system availability  
    Perform daily checks to identify system performance and determine best means to address any deficiencies.    
    Create key production related reports as required.  
    Relocation of mobile access points as required ensuring radio and network coverage of mining areas.  
    Use electronic diagnostic equipment to ensure maximum performance of the system.  
    Develop system as required to ensure it meets requirements of the business group.  
    Maintain good working relationship and have good communication with the other department and OEMs  
    All other duties as assigned by Management


    A strong open cut mining back ground or experience in technical services
    Five plus years of operating the WENCO as a dispatcher / head of dispatch from client or supplier sides (WENCO)
    Experience in development of the system from scratch and development of production reporting systems on the mines
    Strong ability to identify opportunities for efficiency improvement and further system development
    The ability to train dispatching team  and bring best practice WENCO experience
    The ability to administer the WENCO systems if required
    The ability to generate new reports from WENCO with the best application to local specific
    The ability to identify and solve current gaps in the system
    The ability to communicate with people of different cultures and low literacy levels.
    Good workable business communication in both English and French.


    Work location - SMD LEFA (Lero, Guinea)
    8 weeks on - 4 weeks off rotational basis  
    Competitive package of salary, benefits and annual bonus scheme

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