The Taparko

The Taparko

Joining us at the Taparko mining company, the first private mine of Burkina Faso and the first African mine of Nordgold, means taking part in anexciting trip to gold exploration with a team of multinational professionals and also seizing the opportunity to quickly developing your potential.

Location of the site / provisions concerning the trip and Visas.

Our Mine is located inTaparko in the Northern Central region, province of Namentenga, 200 km from Ouagadougou, the capital of the Burkina Faso. From the capital, our mine is accessible by an entirely paved road.

The mine operates three pits inTaparko (3/5, 2N2K and GT) and two pits inBouroum 40 km (F12 and WS).

The visitors from Australia, Canada, South Africa and Russia making their first visit to Burkina must have with them 04 identity photos on their arrival at the airport for the formalities of the entry visa .This visa will be extended to 01 year with multiple inputs.

Other documents may be requested for example the letter of invitation and the vaccination card.

For foreign workers, the company supports the return tickets of the country of origin. As soon as a foreign worker arrives in Ouagadougou, he is welcomed at the airport and taken to the House of the hosts of the company or to the hotel to spend the night.

Traveling to and from the site

You can only go there by road. A one way trip to site is 3h30 drive maximum. The Company makes available a vehicle and a police escort.

The expatriates work 40/23, which represents 40 days on the site, with 3 days of rest ( Sundays afternoon during the rotation )and 23 days of leave, including 2 days of travel

The normal work hours are from 6am to 17:30pm, including one hour for lunch. Expatriates are sometimes called upon to overtimes hours to perform their work. The operational staff can work all day Sunday according to the requirements of work.

The rotations and the hours of work of national staff are established according to the requirements and needs of their respective departments. The office employees work 5/2 days from 6:30 to 17:30, the operation teams work in 7/7 days.

The Company offers an overall competitive compensation package, including a base salary and bonuses, such as the annual premium for expatriates and the premium for monthly production and the 13è months for the national workforce.

The national employees benefit from various allowances according to their category and the Labor Code of Burkina Faso.

The company offers a medical insurance coverage to all employees.

Medical facilities on the site and in the residential areas

Taparkomine has a clinic on the site with local medical staff (6 persons).

Training and Development of Employees

The Company focuses very much on the development of its employees.

In addition to the daily self-development on the place of work, we are concerned to strengthening the qualitative and quantitative skills of our workers in developing their plans of individual development according to the needs of their respective departments and their personal needs indicated in the matrix of competencies.

The National Workers are invited to take an English course because they live in a multicultural environment, whereas expatriates are invited to learn French as a foreign language to encourage integration.

Accommodation and facilities on the site

Our workforce is approximately 638 employees, including the localsand expatriates. The main camp [Base-Vie] welcomes both expatriates and locals. Other national employees are housed in the nearest villages, such as Taparko, Yalgo and Bouroum. The Company provides the means of transport for workers who come to work at the mine site. A well-equipped gym, tennis court, volley ball, football, a bar and a store are opened to the residents of the camps after work hours. Breakfast and dinner are served in the canteen of the camp and at the junior`s canteen. The canteen serves meals three times a day.

The company is constantly improving the conditions of life of the villages closest which provide housing to its workers. InTaparko, we built a home open to our employees and the villagers including a restaurant, a nightclub, and a TV room of 200 seats.

Traditionally, in December, we organize end of Year festivities through activities of entertainment (cross popular, football and various games of society.

You made the right choice by joining us!

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